Sponsoring Successful Projects

Projects need clear and strong sponsorship to be successful.

Sponsors are accountable for the realisation of the project's benefits and need co-operation, guidance and support from their colleagues to achieve this. They also need to understand the responsibities of the people performing project delivery roles.

Successful Project Management (SPM) is an agile and flexible methodology aimed at realising benefit from change. It is made up of precisely defined roles and clearly illustrated processes, supported by a project toolkit and comprehensive glossary.

Who should attend?

People who want to enhance their ability to sponsor projects effectively.


To put the work of a sponsor in context, with particular regard to communication of the vision, gaining commitment from colleagues, ensuring effective progress and planning, and realising benefits.


  • Business-as-usual and change
  • How does an idea become a project?
  • Incepting and defining projects
  • Planning benefits
  • Planning and delivering projects
  • Managing risk, change and issues
  • Closing projects successfully
  • Realising the benefits
  • Duration

    This briefing is delivered over 6 hours in a discussion environment for between 4-12 people, by facilitators who know the challenges and understand the subject in depth.


    You will be able to:

  • Decide what to do when appointed as a project sponsor, what questions to ask and what to focus on at appropriate points throughout the project
  • Select and appoint suitable project leaders and appreciate what can be expected of them, and other roles, at different stages of the project lifecycle
  • Explain the benefits of following best practice processes in the project environment
  • Apply appropriate SPM techniques to projects to enable you to achieve necessary progress and realise the benefits needed by the business.
  • Please contact us at Verdandi for available course dates and to make a course booking.

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