Sponsoring Strategic Change

Lasting business value is enabled by the successful implementation of good ideas.

Executive directors are responsible for increasing the value of the organisation by leading business-as-usual and executing strategic change.

Businesses cannot afford to spend money on the wrong ideas, or invest in the right ideas without getting the full benefits in return. It means:

  • Agreeing the vision with the people who will advocate it and make it happen
  • Responding faster to identify what will and will not work - re-scoping, terminating and pushing forward with new ideas
  • Investing in architecture, design and specification
  • 'Lending' money to projects
  • Focussing attention on milestones and issues
  • Holding people to account
  • Leveraging maximum benefits.
  • To do this, executive directors need to understand what it is reasonable to expect of people performing change related roles and what these people will expect of them.

    Who should attend?

    Executive directors and members of the leadership team who want to learn essential techniques for achieving lasting value from strategic change.


    The aim of this briefing is to provide an understanding of what an Executive Sponsor must do in the world of change to ensure the anticipated benefits are realised so that the strategy and business plan can be achieved.


  • Communicating the strategic vision
  • Working with a Target Operating Model
  • Using programmes to achieve strategic change
  • Lending to projects and managing value
  • Blending and balancing the project portfolio
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Establishing benefit owner accountability
  • Ensuring successful delivery
  • Responding to risk, change and issues
  • Realising the benefits.
  • Duration

    This workshop is delivered over 6 hours in a discussion environment for up to 12 people by facilitators who know the challenges of achieving successful strategic change and understand the subject in depth.


    You will be able to:

  • Advance ideas that will deliver your part of the strategy in competition with bids from other business areas
  • Obtain advocacy and co-operation from your colleagues
  • Describe what to do as an Executive Sponsor and the responsibilities of other relevant roles in the project environment
  • Select and appoint suitable people to accountable roles and know what to expect of them
  • Know what questions to ask and what to focus on at appropriate intervals
  • Apply techniques to control successful delivery and realise planned benefits.
  • Please contact us at Verdandi for available course dates and to make a course booking.

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