Leading Successful Projects

A successful project is one that completes the work to specifications and quality standards within all financial, manpower and time targets, and achieves its stated objectives.

It requires people at every level knowing clearly what they should be doing at all times, so they are able to drive project delivery at maximum speed and minimum cost. The role of the project leader is to make this happen.

Successful Project Management (SPM) is an agile and flexible methodology aimed at realising benefit from change. It is made up of precisely defined roles and clearly illustrated processes, supported by a project toolkit and comprehensive glossary.

SPM harnesses the experience, knowledge and creativity of people through empowerment and teamwork - so encouraging a leadership culture of active issue resolution, risk management and delivering to the promise.

SPM encourages people to take responsibility for planning the work taking into account all deliverables and dependencies - then working to the plan and removing obstacles, to achieve delivery on time and within budget.

Who should attend?

People who want to learn the practical skills needed to lead successful projects using a best practice approach.


To provide an in-depth understanding of project management and SPM methodology in order to successfully lead projects.


  • What is a project?
  • Incepting a project
  • Defining projects & planning benefits
  • Planning at a high level
  • Managing risk
  • Managing issues
  • Planning at a detailed level
  • Controlling change
  • Leading project delivery
  • Closing a project successfully
  • Duration

    This course is delivered over 2 days in a workshop environment for up to 12 people by trainers with widespread experience of leading successful programmes and projects who understand the subject in depth.


    You will be able to:

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of an effective Project Leader and other project roles
  • Explain the benefits of following best practice processes in the project environment
  • Engage with people performing other roles on your project, how to lead and plan the work with them, and how to make sure the agreed plan is delivered
  • Apply SPM to enable delivery on time and within budget, so that the business can realise maximum benefit from change.
  • Please contact us at Verdandi for available course dates and to make a course booking.

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