Managing Successful Programmes

Timely delivery of strategic change and realisation of planned benefits is critical to the development of any organisation.

If project management can be compared to driving a delivery truck to its destination, managing a programme is the equivalent of 'fleet management'. It calls upon different processes, skills and behaviours.

A programme aimed at realising benefits from large-scale, transformational or technological change consists of related families of projects which require clarity of vision, work orchestration and good communication to enable benefit realisation.

Verdandi's framework method is made up of clearly illustrated processes, innovative techniques, precisely defined roles and a powerful set of integrated tools, underpinned by 'Successful Project Management' methodology and Value & Resource Management.

Who should attend?

Programme directors, programme managers, and programme office staff who wish to improve their capability to deliver large-scale organisational change.


To focus attention on the techniques needed to deliver successful programmes and realise the required benefits using the framework and tools.


Practitioners are provided with simple and effective guidelines at each step of the way to achieve quality results.

  • What makes an effective programme manager?
  • Business-as-usual and change
  • Incepting a programme using a Master Project
  • Communicating the strategic vision
  • Creating the organisation structure
  • Segmenting the programme
  • Governance and bidding for resources
  • Planning benefits
  • Scheduling resources
  • Role of the programme office
  • Managing communications
  • Managing programme finances
  • Using a pathfinding project
  • Mobilising
  • Managing suppliers
  • Delivering programmes
  • Realising benefits
  • Closing the programmes
  • Duration

    This event is delivered for up to 8 people in three, one-day workshops, by skilled in programme managers who understand the subject in depth.

    Workshops are scheduled over a six-week period so that you can progressively apply the learning and obtain feedback on specific issues you encounter.

    Workshops can be combined with partnering in the field to help you apply the processes, behaviours, tools and techniques.


    You will be able to:

  • Engage with people performing different roles on the programme
  • Produce a strategic vision for the programme
  • Organise, plan and control a programme, promoting openness and visibility regarding delivery and benefit realisation
  • Segment the programme into projects
  • Apply appropriate governance
  • Lead and plan the work to ensure that it is delivered to plan and the benefits realised
  • Apply appropriate development methods which enable the team to successfully deliver and realise the full planned benefits
  • Apply a consistent approach to all aspects of communication and reporting both within and outside the programme.
  • Please contact us at Verdandi for available course dates and to make a course booking.

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