Coaching & Mentoring

Changing thinking and behaviour or removing know-how obstacles can accelerate a persons ability to perform with confidence.


A Verdandi delivery expert and a mindset and behaviour coach will be on site, and available for at least one full day.

Slots are pre-booked by individuals for one or two hour non-directive coaching or directive mentoring sessions on a personal basis.

Who should attend?

People who have received foundation training in any role and are struggling, either with the practical application of a process or require coaching help in overcoming behavioural or interpersonal communication problems.


  • Walk through the live client situation
  • An action plan for the attendee, where appropriate
  • Follow-up telephone consultation where needed.
  • Outcomes

    Each attendee will come away from their clinic session with:

  • A pragmatic solution or set of actions to resolve the challenge which prompted participation
  • An enhanced understanding of the aspect of project management process or behaviour discussed at the clinic
  • Comfort that further independent advice and guidance can be obtained by telephone, if needed.
  • This service provides the organisation with:

  • Capable practitioners able to coach, mentor, share knowledge and best practice with people, thereby developing your programme and project resources to a higher level of competence
  • Increased confidence in your people's ability to deliver successful change and realise benefits.
  • Please contact us at Verdandi to organise Coaching & Mentoring Clinics.

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