Skill Boosts

Mastering a skill increases your ability to tackle extraordinary challenges.

A skill is a special ability to do something, and the more accomplished you are, the easier it is to take on new challenges.

Leading change isn't just about following processes - far from it. It's about mindset and behaviour - centred on interpersonal communication, so that co-workers trust you, are inspired to take responsibility - and be held accountable for their promised actions.

People are born to communicate but aren't born with good communication skills. Mostly, we learn by observation, trial and error.

Progressive organisations wanting to do things differently cannot afford for people to learn by trial and error, and rarely can they afford expensive training.

Skill Boosts

Learning is about having something is explained in a way and in terms you can easily understand - when the penny drops, the light will shine.

Forming good habits takes time, practice and encouragement but the essence of any skill can be quickly and simply explained.

Verdandi has condensed the essence of each skill into a two-hour, 'bite-sized' workshop.

Verdandi's workshops are delivered in a highly interactive session - on your premises.

Nine workshops cover the essential skills you need to boost your change leadership performance.

Learning experience

Hosted by two qualified subject matter experts, each workshop accommodates up to twelve people.

  • Typical thought processes are discussed to show people how to apply the skill in a creative and problem-solving manner
  • The fundamentals needed to form the basic ability are debated to form the necessary mindsets and behaviours
  • Exercises and open discussion encourage the behaviours and boost individual confidence.
  • Each workshop comes complete with guidelines, and full course materials for future reference.

    If you want more in-depth capabilities, there are further 2 and 3-day training courses options, some with certification.

    If you are faced with difficult people whose actions or behaviour is having a negative impact, additional personal coaching and mentoring is available from mindset and behaviour experts, to help you through the situation.


  • 'Bite-sized' makes the learning memorable - 75% retention
  • Learning on your premises saves outage time and cost
  • Classes can be slotted into people's working day
  • Learning can be immediately applied
  • Required behaviours are cultivated, improving your ability to perform more effectively.
  • Delivery

    Up to three topics can be delivered in one day at convenient times.

    Delivering three Skill Boosts on three days provides the opportunity to train 12 people in the full set of skills.

    Who should attend

    Aspiring leaders working in either business-as-usual or change and wishing to develop their capabilities, regardless of experience.


    The price is just 99 per workshop attendee.

    Please contact us to experience a live trial.

      2-hour Skill Boost
      Ability gained
      1. Facilitation
      Gain consensus
      2. Negotiation
      Forge win-win deals
      3. Effective Communication
      Persuade through listening
      4. Dealing with Difficult People
      Avoid conflict
      5. Assertiveness at Work
      Manage anger
      6. Business NLP & TA
      Establish rapport
      7. Conquering Stress
      Turn stress to your advantage
      8. Business Writing
      Get messages across
      9. Presentation Skills
      Market good ideas

    Please contact us at Verdandi for available Master Class dates and make a booking.

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