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Strategy Acceleration

Organisations perform best when people understand the strategic context of the work they are doing.

People work more effectively when they know they are working on an idea that will contribute to business success and are frustrated when their work is wasted.

Whilst most organisations have coherent strategies, remarkably few articulate and communicate them in a form that can be understood and supported by the people responsible for delivery.

Of those that do, the majority fail to create an explicit link between strategy, customer value proposition and target operating model to identify the specific things that must be done.

Strategy Acceleration closes the gap between strategy and delivery, by communicating the delta between where you are now and where you need to be.

A 'Strategic Vision' expresses strategy in a unique form that can be understood and supported by the people responsible for, and impacted by delivery; helping everyone participate more effectively in the development of the business.


  • Identifies perspective within a complex organisation
  • Highlights gaps in capability and thinking
  • Challenges and influences outcomes
  • Engages the workforce around the strategy
  • Achieves organisational focus and buy-in
  • Focuses everyone on the future
  • Creates a clear context for the realisation of benefits
  • Maintains the strategy in the face of day-to-day pressures.
  • What we do

    We facilitate workshops to validate the organisation's capabilities and translate the strategy into precise, needs-led solutions.

    The executive and leadership teams are pivotal in devising ways in which the strategy will be implemented to ensure buy-in and commitment.

    Strategy Acceleration can be used to communicate any strategic change and has been successfully applied to assignments ranging from IT strategy to flotation of a FTSE 100 bank.

    An assignment is typically completed within eight to twelve weeks, depending on organisation complexity.

    Verdandi provide all the necessary tools, coaching and mentoring needed to embed a valuable capability within your organisation.

    What our clients say…

    "We all know that strategy can become disconnected from reality - headline statements with nothing behind them. What we wanted was something which was about how we could actually make things happen. …this strategy may not be in the form we have been accustomed to expect for we have sought to be different, not producing some glossy but meaningless series of words. This is a working document and everyone knows what has to be done and what part they will play. …we're naturally skeptical people, we need evidence - that's what our job is all about - and we're seeing it prove itself."
    Chief Constable, UK Police Force

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