Successful Project Management

It's vital to drive project delivery at maximum speed, minimum cost and with less risk, to enable timely realisation of planned benefits.

Successful Project Management® (SPM) is an agile and flexible methodology aimed at realising benefit from change. It's made up of precisely defined roles and clearly illustrated processes, supported by a project toolkit and comprehensive glossary.

SPM differs from other methodologies by getting down to the basics of showing people not only 'what to do' but 'how to do it'.

The business outcomes - financial and non-financial benefits - are identified, validated and owned from the outset and aligned with the outputs.

Simple and effective processes focus on the people aspects of projects to achieve exceptional results.

It harnesses experience, knowledge and creativity through empowerment and teamwork, encouraging a leadership culture of active issue resolution, risk management, and delivering to the promise.

SPM shows people how to plan the work taking into account development methods, deliverables, dependencies and interdependencies - then how to work the plan to achieve delivery on time and within budget.


Successful projects are routinely delivered on time, faster and cheaper, and benefits realised with less risk.


SPM provides effective guidelines at each step of the way to achieve quality results.

People readily adopt and use it because it helps them deliver successful projects, and realise planned benefits.

  • Empowered people perform their delivery roles professionally and understand what they have to do to succeed
  • Business sponsors and stakeholders are able to govern delivery of needed business change
  • Projects are planned professionally to a level of detail that will ensure success
  • Risks to delivery and benefit realisation are adequately managed
  • Changes are effectively controlled
  • Issues are quickly resolved, slippage is avoided and projects delivered on time
  • Benefit realisation is enabled.
  • It will accommodate any type or size of project within any programme. Its adaptability makes it applicable even to small changes where project management techniques can add real value.

    Its non-technical nature means that it can be used with equal effect in both business and IT development environments, where it lends itself to both agile and waterfall development methods.

    It is corporate governance friendly, with clearly defined gates and control checkpoints. The reporting environment gives management visibility and insight into the status of the project to see both potential blockages to progress and threats to successful delivery.

    SPM ensures consistency - people at every level knowing what they should be doing at all times. Equally important, sponsors always know what to expect, and quickly become confident that they can fulfil their benefit realisation obligations.

    SPM incorporates all the knowledge and practical experience we have gained leading 2,000 significant programmes and projects over 25 years. The unique features, which distinguish it from other frameworks and methodologies, are:

  • Quick and easy to learn, easy to use and common-sense
  • Supports multi-supplier and multi-customer projects
  • Flexible and scaleable to size of project
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Encourages the deployment of best practice development methods and re-use of knowledge
  • Focussed on people and team dimensions of well planned projects
  • Software independent
  • Fits with existing frameworks, business practices and procedures
  • Promised-based in its delivery approach
  • Simple process for resolving issues
  • Actively manages risk and change
  • Effective progress and status reporting.
  • With over 10,000 SPM trained client practitioners - there is nothing theoretical about SPM; it's solid, adaptable, pragmatism.


    Precisely defined roles:

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Business Owner
  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Stakeholder
  • Project Leader
  • Project Partner
  • Domain Controller
  • Project Team Member
  • Suite of clearly illustrated processes:

  • Project Inception
  • Project Definition
  • High Level Planning
  • Detailed Planning
  • Project Delivery
  • Project Closure
  • Additional processes support the management of benefits, costs, risks, issues, deliverables, changes, knowledge, quality and suppliers.

    Powerful set of integrated tools

    Project Toolkit™ is applicable to any project. Each tool is single function, simple design and consistent format.

    Tools complement each other and avoid unnecessary duplication of information. They are constructed using MS Office products and therefore easy to add to or tailor to specific company needs.

    Project Toolkit™ is provided to practitioners as Microsoft files via the client's intranet or a Verdandi Web server. Tools can be selected and applied according to project size and complexity, and the organisation's control requirements.


    Foundation training courses are targeted at the learning needs of people in different project and programme roles:

  • Sponsoring Strategic Change
  • Managing Successful Programmes
  • Sponsoring Successful Projects
  • Leading Successful Projects
  • Working in a Project Environment
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Full course materials are provided to each delegate including course slides and a comprehensive handbook, which sets out how to use the method with tips, hints, guidelines and techniques.

    For people wishing to develop their capability beyond foundation training there are learning opportunities aimed at personal development:

  • Partnering
  • Master Classes
  • Skill Boosts
  • Coaching & Mentoring Clinics
  • Creative Development
  • Implementation

    SPM may be used by an individual, adopted within a business area or implemented business-wide along with Strategy Acceleration, Value & Resource Management and Programme Management.

    It is suited to both a 'project community' or 'delivery practice' change environment and can be branded with your corporate image, tailored to your specific needs and interfaced with your current change process framework.

    What our clients say…

    "By applying Successful Project Management as our chosen project management approach across the enterprise we are putting in place one of the building blocks in the development of the 'RAC Way' which will enable us to share best practices, accelerate our learning and to communicate in a consistent language."
    Chief Executive, Motoring Services Group

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