Resource Management

The aim is simply to accomplish more with available resources.

Matching resources to future demand is critical for any efficient organisation; success depends on capture of quality demand information and accurate estimation.

If demand is allowed to flow freely into an organisation the human and infrastructure resources can quickly become overwhelmed. When this happens, activity first increases but very quickly productivity declines; rate of progress slows, the capacity to deliver diminishes and costs rise.

Regulating flow to challenge rather than swamp resources allows people time to rise to the challenge, remove waste, build capability and perform more effectively.

Organisations actively managing flow and eliminating waste can reduce costs by 20-40%. Balancing resources with demand needs a capacity planning system which:

  • Recognises interdependencies, infrastructure pinchpoints and financial reality
  • Determines if there are roughly enough resources to meet the demand before identifying if the right skills are available in the right place at the right time
  • Uses time fences to create schedule stability and levelling techniques to eliminate overburden, unevenness and waste
  • Gives the answers you need for effective decision-making
  • Attains optimum utilisation with a responsive allocation and deployment process
  • Accounts for time spent.
  • Benefits

  • Improved customer dialogue and estimating
  • Annual budgeting made easier and project portfolio achievability quickly confirmed
  • Better control of human, financial and infrastructure resources
  • People's skills and organisational capabilities developed in line with expected demand
  • Workforce effectiveness raised and extra capacity realised
  • Demand flow increased to match the expansion in capability and capacity.
  • What we do

    The broad brush-strokes may be similar but the way resources are managed is different for every organisation. Verdandi understands the drivers and has a ready-made framework product which can be adapted to any organisation's needs.

    We work with your team to build a powerful, end-to-end system that will blend with your existing infrastructure.

    There is no complex software to consider - easy to use MS Office tools and reports provide project portfolio-wide visibility and control. The tools, database and pre-mapped processes needed are priced into the assignment. We:

  • Use innovative and effective tools to improve estimating accuracy and capture quality demand information that can be trusted
  • Agree the resource management processes, tools and training needed, and customise them to create a sustainable solution
  • Make sure people involved in creating customer value are responsible for agreeing the system
  • Define the financial and capacity constraints and pinchpoints and build these into the planning mechanism
  • Establish the necessary Project Management Office, end-to-end governance processes and database to bridge with Value Management
  • Confirm the roles and responsibilities, and train the teams.
  • Please contact us at Verdandi to obtain further information.

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