Programme Management

Driving strategic change at speed to realise benefits earlier needs clarity of vision and the ability to quickly change direction.

Strategic change is complicated by the myriad of interdependencies between people, processes and systems in your business. Any change in one area affects many processes in other areas.

To succeed, organisations must address strategic change in an integrated, meticulously planned and precisely executed way but with the agilty to respond to ever-changing conditions.

Programme Management is an adaptable framework method aimed at realising benefit from large-scale business and technological change in complex operating environments.

The framework consists of clearly defined processes, precisely defined roles and a powerful set of integrated tools, underpinned by 'Successful Project Management' methodology and Value & Resource Management.


Programmes are delivered faster and value generated earlier with people at every level knowing what they should be doing at all times.


Practitioners are provided with simple and effective guidelines at each step of the way to achieve quality results.

  • The vision is articulated and communicated to the people responsible for and impacted by the programme
  • Empowered people perform their roles professionally and understand what they have to do to succeed
  • The programme is organised, structured and planned to a level of detail needed to ensure success
  • Business sponsors and stakeholders are able to govern delivery and realisation of benefits
  • Issues are quickly resolved and slippage of projects avoided
  • Risks to delivery and benefit realisation are managed
  • Changes are effectively controlled
  • Costs and suppliers are tightly managed and benefits realised as planned
  • The framework includes governance gates and control checkpoints to provide complete visibility of the strategic change and financial control of the constituent projects.

    The reporting environment gives management insight into the status of the entire programme highlighting potential blockages to progress and threats to successful delivery.

    Sponsors know what to expect and quickly become confident of fulfilling their benefit realisation responsibilities.

    Programme Management incorporates all the knowledge and practical experience gained on 2,000 significant programmes and projects over 25 years.

  • Benefit-driven
  • Adaptable to all sizes of programme
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Encourages the deployment of development methods and re-use of knowledge
  • Focussed on people and team dimensions of well planned programmes
  • Customised to fit with your existing business practices and procedures.
  • Components

    Clearly defined processes:

  • Programme Inception
  • Strategy Communication
  • Pathfinding
  • Mobilising
  • Programme Delivery
  • Programme Closure
  • Precisely defined roles:

  • Programme Sponsor
  • Programme Stakeholder
  • Programme Director
  • Programme Manager
  • Domain Architect
  • Financial Reviewer
  • Communication Manager
  • Steering Committee
  • Programme Team
  • Programme Office
  • Additional processes support the management of benefits, costs, risks, issues, deliverables, changes, knowledge, quality and suppliers.

    Powerful set of integrated tools

    Each tool in the programme Management toolkit is single function, simple design and consistent format.

    Tools are designed complement each other to avoid unnecessary duplication of information. They are constructed using MS Office products and therefore easy to add to or tailor to specific needs. Tools are provided as Microsoft files via the client's intranet or a Verdandi Web server.

    Practitioners can select and apply tools according to programme size and complexity, and the organisation's control requirements.


    Foundation training courses are targeted at the learning needs of people in different roles:

  • Sponsoring Strategic Change
  • Managing Successful Programmes
  • Sponsoring Successful Projects
  • Leading Successful Projects
  • Working in a Project Environment
  • Full course materials are provided to each delegate including course slides and a comprehensive handbook, which explains the environment and the terminology.

    For people wishing to develop their capability beyond foundation training there are learning opportunities aimed at personal development:

  • Master Classes
  • Skill Boosts
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Creative Development
  • Implementation

    The framework method can be used for a single programme or as part of a business-wide approach to managing change including:

  • Strategy Acceleration
  • Value & Resource Management
  • Successful Project Management
  • Work Management
  • Programme Management is suited to both a 'project community' or 'delivery practice' change environment and can be branded with your corporate image, tailored to your specific needs or interfaced with your current delivery framework.

    What our clients say…

    "The success of our flotation programme was due in very large part to the tools, techniques and processes that we have adopted together with the excellent support provided by Verdandi."
    Flotation Programme Director, UK Building Society

    "In Technology we use the methodology all the time. We used it to implement one of the biggest computer information databases in the UK. We have also implemented one of the largest financial information systems in banking with a cost running into eight figures."
    Director of Technology, UK Retail Bank

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