SPM does not compete with PRINCE2 - it simply offers a better way to realise benefits from change, even in a PRINCE2 environment.

PRINCE2™ is a project management governance and control framework most widely used in the UK. It is a structured set of documents with outline techniques and processes that define the 'what to do' of project management. Organisations adopt PRINCE2 for many reasons not least that training enables their staff to obtain a PRINCE2 qualification.

Many organisations adapt PRINCE2 to overcome its inherent weaknesses - which include its 'soft' approach to issue management, its weakly controlled 'work package' and its focus on single supplier-led delivery.

SPM nests within a PRINCE2 environment - adding value, not cost. You can gain the 'how to do it' benefits of SPM and equip people with the tools and techniques they need to succeed.

Added Value

Capability Explains both 'what to do' and 'how to do it', and equips people to succeed.
Agility Precise but not prescriptive - can be used intensely or in a light-touch way, according to the size and complexity of the project.
Flexibility Designed for projects with multiple customers and suppliers, working equally effectively in both business and IT development environments.
Enables easy deployment of 'best practice' development methods.
Lends itself to both agile and waterfall IT development methods.
Encourages component re-use.
Focus Every project is benefit-driven.
Roles and responsibilities are explicit and clear.
Focuses on people and team dimensions of well-planned projects.
Projects are planned to a level of detail necessary to ensure success.
Issues are quickly resolved using a structured approach.
Delivery and benefit realisation risks are avoided or actively managed.
Projects are delivered faster and slippage of milestones, and costs is avoided using a 'promise-based' approach.
Ease of use People readily adopt and use SPM because it is simple and it helps them succeed.
Reporting Simple reports fall naturally from the planning approach - organisation-wide use ensures reporting consistency.
Governance Corporate governance friendly, with clearly defined gates and control checkpoints.
Management have insight into the status of each project to see both potential blockages to progress and threats to successful delivery.
Sponsors know what to expect, and quickly become comfortable with the process and confident that they can realise the anticipated benefits.
Software Uses project management software as a 'power tool'.

Compare this to your current PRINCE2 environment.


Transition can be achieved either through SPM Foundation Training or through Verdandi's 'bite-sized' Master Classes. Master classes are designed to fit conveniently within your organisation's existing portfolio of learning and development opportunities and assemble like a jigsaw to boost individual capability, establish innovative techniques and create common terminology throughout the project community. They enable a consistent, quality approach to be quickly and cost-effectively instilled within your organisation.

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Project Toolkit

Project Toolkit™ is an integrated set of document tools that complements an SPM environment. They can be used in native form or tailored to specific needs. Key elements are:

Agility Applicable to any project, each tool is single function, simple design and consistent format.
Tools complement each other and are designed to avoid unnecessary duplication.
Flexibility Constructed using MS Office products, they are easy to add to or tailor to specific needs.
Tools are applied according to project size and complexity, and the organisation's control requirements.

Project Toolkit can be provided as Microsoft files via the your intranet or via our Web server.

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