Leading successful, large-scale business change requires very specific competencies, skills,knowledge and experience.

You already have capable, creative and talented people - experts in your field of business, able to adapt, innovate and improve - But successful businesses rarely carry surplus capacity, particularly with the skills and experience needed when a change is out of the ordinary.

Even though your people will rise to the challenge, sometimes that might not be quite enough.


Verdandi programme, project and interim managers are widely experienced with strong leadership skills, breadth of business understanding and depth of technical appreciation - able to provide that extra capability boost when you need it.

People with exceptional abilities in the delivery of beneficial change, who will:

  • Quickly grasp the fundamentals of your business
  • Fill knowledge gaps
  • Transfer knowledge and skills to your business and your people
  • Add value from the day they start to the day they finish.
  • Why choose Verdandi?

    Verdandi guarantees the quality of its people. They are committed to your business success and passionate about their assignments:

  • Have strong interpersonal communication skills, and the drive and energy needed to do the best work
  • Work to the highest ethical standards with integrity
  • Blend seamlessly with your people and naturally transfer their knowledge and skills as they work
  • Access the repository of knowledge and experience within Verdandi.
  • Work with the grain of your business adding value to your processes and standards.
  • Areas of expertise

    We recruit individuals with experience, skills and capabilities relevant to our client's needs. An illustrative selection of our industry and business area expertise is given below.

    • Banking
    • Business integration
    • Distribution & Logistics
    • Business transformation
    • Financial Services
    • Customer service transformation
    • FMCG & Food
    • IT Development & implementation
    • Healthcare
    • Organisation & process design
    • IT
    • Performance improvement
    • Legal
    • Process Transformation
    • Manufacturing
    • Procurement & outsourcing
    • Petrochemicals
    • Product development
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Quality, safety & liability
    • Public Sector
    • Rebranding
    • Publishing
    • Regulation & Compliance
    • Retail
    • Relocation & Fit-out
    • Telecommunications

    What our clients say…

    "We successfully use Verdandi for senior change roles on complex or business critical projects, projects which appear 'left field'. They have people who know the business and can deliver at pace. Their track record is 100% success."
    Business Change Director, Major UK Insurer

    Please contact us at Verdandi to obtain further information.

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